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Why a holiday in Kas is different?

In the working life, according to the law, the period of pause for work is called holiday. Why are we pausing to work? Of course, our aim at the holiday is to have fun and relax. We all have different senses of holiday. Some of us like traveling and exploring, some like doing nothing and just stopping or having fun like crazy. In Kas you will find something that fits into your holiday conception. Why is Kas, one of the favorite holiday destinations in recent times, preferred by so many holidaymakers? Why the holiday in Kas is different? Is it really different? We have answered these questions for you so that when you plan your holiday this year, you will keep Kas in mind. We want Kas to fascinate your soul and to settle in your heart… Not just because it’s trendy but you should give it a try to enjoy your holiday while you are getting the taste of disparity!

The air is different

The air is different in Kas

You’d be dizzy on your first vacation day when you are in Kas, it does not matter from where you are coming from. The endless road exhausts you finally. This long way for the goers of Kas is a meditation. Whatever it is, it is like a conscious depletion that you will be renewed, refreshed, bloom and refined after. The mind, the soul, travels out of the body. The spirit becomes calm, the mind stops, the hurry ends. The holiday of Kasmaniacs begins on this never-ending road. As if you are going to your lover that you have missed a lot, you travel with love.

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Do not let the word “apart” confuse you

Renting a daily holiday home is a recent trend among travelers. But unfortunately, a daily holiday house is widely mixed in Turkey with apart-hotels or apartments that are mostly rented by university students. Many real estates in Turkey who are doing daily vacation rental business and home owners as well are both using the word “apart” intensely. With this blog post, we want to clarify the complexity and miss use of the word “apart” in Turkish vacation rental business industry. We will try to define the concepts of “apart hotel”, “apart” and “holiday rental house” by reflecting the differences in between them.

What is an apart hotel?

What is an apart hotel?

It was first used in Spain in the 1960s as the name of a company that provided such accommodation. It is derived from the combination of the words “apartment” and “hotel”. Read more..

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Points to take into consideration when renting an apartment for your holiday?

The most beautiful parts of life are holidays, is that so? People are looking forward to a holiday time. A large majority of people are renting apartments instead of fire-expensive apartments or uncomfortable lodgings, and enjoying a comfortable, spacious, free and affordable holiday like at home. Online, you can rent the most beautiful apartments in Kas on our website. Moreover, payment with credit card and installment payment options are available.

daire kiralarkan dikkat etmelisin

When you rent an apartment for your holiday, you can manage your holiday budget yourself and you will not forget to explore, you do not spend all your money to visit a hotel room. If you are with family or group of friends, you can spend money on your budget by sharing your kitchen expenses while enjoying the comfort of a private apartment. Plus, you can save money and have longer holidays. When renting an apartment in Kas, you can go to the Local Friday Market, buy fresh vegetables and fruits, fill up your fridge and eat as you wish. In addition to the rental fee, there is no charge other than the refunded deposit fee. If there is no damage to the apartment and to the movable goods of the apartment deposit is paid back to you during your check out. Electricity, water, the internet, kitchen gas used in the holiday apartment are not charged extra.

You can also get extra paid services if you want to. An interim cleaning service, cleaning service on certain days, replacing the bedding textiles with clean ones are some of our extra services. If you do not want to deal with shopping on the first day of your holiday, but if you want something ready in the fridge, you can buy ready welcome packages online while you are booking the apartment. When you rent an apartment, you live like a local in Kas, not like a tourist. You can go shopping at the bazaar, meet local people and chat. As in all-inclusive hotels, you do not have to consume what is imposed on you, you can spend as much as you want in a holiday apartment vacation.

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Lion’s Sarcophagus: Being in History, Talking by History

It is impossible to return from your holiday in Kas, without seeing Lion’s Sarcophagus extant from Antiphellos Ancient City till today. The reason behind using the word “impossible” is the location of the sarcophagus. It is located at the very beginning of the Long Market’s slope, which is a very central and intensely crowded spot of Kas.  Anybody who comes to Kas visits Long Market for sure. When walking through long market it is a must to see the Lion’s Sarcophagus.

Lions Sarcophagus

It is at most 4 minutes’ walk to the lion’s sarcophagus, If you are renting one of our holiday homes located in the center. (Our apartments located in Kas City Center) Even if you are not a fan of historical places sorry, but you will still see Lion’s Sarcophagus because it is in the heart of Kas. 😎

Lion’s Sarcophagus is one of the icons of Kas. That’s right. If you enjoy shopping, you will recognize that almost all the souvenir shops in Kas include an object that visualizes lion’s sarcophagus. If you want to get a gift to your friends that describes Kas at most we may suggest you buy one of these small creative work of art pieces.

For those who are constantly holidaying in Kas and those living in Kas, sitting down on the paving stones under the sarcophagus has become almost a tasty social activity. To be in history, to talk by history and while making a spiritual journey to thousands of years ago, still breathing in present… You cannot understand totally without breathing in this air around. You should not come back from Kas without wandering around and be touching the Lion’s Sarcophagus, which is believed to have been at least 2400 years old. With all its grandeur it takes you on a journey to the past. In any case, if you still could not find it, or the person you asked could not recognize the Lions Sarcophagus; then ask as, “King’s Tomb”. Because it is also known as “The King’s Tomb” :))

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Cukurbag Peninsula: Low Light, Many Stars

Why is “Kaş” called “Kaş”? The answer to the question is, of course, the Cukurbag Peninsula. The peninsula is like “Kaş”. In the Turkish language “Kaş” means eyebrow. So, the peninsula’s bulge extending towards the eye “the island of Meis” represent an eyebrow. The eye “Meis” and the eyebrow “Kaş” have a fairy-tale analogy among local people.
Cukurbag Peninsula is 4 km away from Kas. Following phrases and words describe the peninsula well: the beaches, holiday homes, historical remains, open sea, the view of Meis, less light, many stars, and restfulness.

cukurbag peninsula

You can easily reach the peninsula with minibusses from the center. In the summer months, public transport runs until 12 pm. So even if you don’t have your own vehicle, transportation will not be a problem for you. But if you are fond of the nightlife, you can also find taxis until daylight. The taxi will not be extremely costly because the distance from the center to the peninsula is at most 7-10 minutes by car. Read more..

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Why to rent a villa in Kas?

If you are saying; “We have not been able to have a comfortable, free holiday since our child was born”, The most preferential preference of families with children now is renting villas. If you have a crowded family or group of friends and you are all going to have a holiday together, it is incredibly affordable to rent a villa while the hotels are fire expensive. Perhaps you will be on your honeymoon or spend a few romantic weeks with your lover then it is best to rent a villa in Kas for a unique holiday that will make you feel special instead of getting lost in the crowd. If you are attending a wedding, engagement or celebration in Kas, with your spouses, friends and family, then renting a villa is an ideal option. When renting a villa, you manage the holiday budget yourself, you will not forget to explore, and you do not spend all your money to visit a hotel room. While living in the comfort of the villa with your family or group of friends, you can also share kitchen expenses and save money. So, you can have more holidays.

If you are traveling with children / infants

Villa: If you are traveling with children / infants

When grandparents swimming with their grandchildren in the private pool of the villa, while your children were enjoying healthy home-cooked food that is cooked in the villa’s kitchen, you can escape with your partner in peace and catch the real holiday spirit on beaches, day trips, romantic dinners, or dancing in a bar. When you rent a villa for your holidays you won’t have following sayings; “No sunbeds by the pool”, “the breakfast buffet closes at 11:30”, “what the child will be eating”, “the child will catch an infection from the pool”. When you rent a villa in Kas, on Fridays you can go to the Friday Market like everyone else does in Kas, fill up your refrigerator with fresh vegetables and fruits, and you can consume as you wish. If the villa you rent, has a sea platform, this means you have a private beach. Every day you can go to your private beach taking a picnic basket and an ice box, so you can eat, drink and swim as you wish. You can do snorkeling and chase after the caretta carettas and fishes. Far from the noisy crowded beaches, you can watch the sunset with a cold drink on the private sea platform of the villa and return to your villa in the evening chill. Did you miss excitement, adrenaline, noise, crowd, music and enthusiasm? or; Do you want to spend some time in a cafe? Whether with your car parked in front of the villa, or with the public transport you can go to Kas City Center within 15 minutes. Read more..

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Vacation Rental Market and Its Development

If you prefer to stay in rental holiday homes, it might be nice to have an idea about this market. In the ranking of the top 75 blogs in the vacation rental market is in the 30th row. We have translated one of their articles into Turkish for you.

History of Vacation Rental Business: Beginning

History of Vacation Rental Business: Beginning

Vacation Rental market widens, and online booking becomes more popular. Understanding the history and industry trends of this business makes it easier for rental vacation homeowners to see future opportunities.

Records of the first rental holiday house are found in the middle of the 1600s. According to these records, the first rental holiday house is Louis XIV’s Versailles Palace. The Palace of Versailles was originally built as a hunting lodge for the Louis XIII. Louis XIV settled in this hunting lodge, rebuilt and expanded it to a palace we know today. Later in the history, the palace is used for entertainment and holiday purposes by various political figures. In the 1800s, the popularity of vacationing in friend’s rental houses has increased. By contrast, the term “timeshare” was not very popular until the 1960s (England) and 1970s (USA).

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Reasons for Preferring a Daily Vacation Rental House

Travelers now prefer to rent a daily vacation rental house for their holidays rather than a hotel room. How and why did this daily rental system spread all over the world?

The number of property owners all over the world is increasing day by day. Property owners tend to rent their vacation home daily rather than long-term for obtaining financial income during the periods when they are absent. As the property owner vacates certain periods of the year, it was a great solution to be able to earn financial income without a constant tenant who occupies the property whole year. This has created a new global market that is growing rapidly.

The daily vacation rental market in America and Europe also grew like topsy. Since the business of renting a daily vacation rental house was a new market, legal applications were not enough for law enforcement. Many countries in the world have rearranged their laws and regulations to meet the needs of the daily vacation rental market. The first steps in the creation of the legal framework are also taken in Turkey by issuing some advanced rulings and circulars about daily rentals.

Of course, if there was no interest in renting a daily vacation home, this market would not have the chance to grow that much. Why do people prefer to rent a daily holiday home instead of a hotel or pension? In this article, we summarized the reasons why you would prefer to rent a daily vacation home.
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From Sleeping Giant to Cukurbag Village!

It’s a happy Sunday and FidoRento team who likes to walk, and share is on their way to the Sleeping Giant! Looks like it is inevitable for us to add a new blog post almost every passing day. Let’s start telling the route that follows as; Kas> Sleeping Giant> Cukurbag Village which is the most pleasant walking route of Kas and conveying our experiences during this walk.

When Starting

Firstly, you should take necessary goods and equipment’s with you that needs to be taken for all similar trekking routes. The best time for the Sleeping Giant route is spring, but if you want to walk in the summer, you may need to get more water. Because you may get tired when you reach the peak of Sleeping Giant. Depending to the peak height, the slope is slightly higher than the medium-difficulty tracks. Therefore, it is useful to have your batons (walking stick) with you. Batons will also be very helpful downwards the slope when you are turning back. If you do not want to descend from the Sleeping Giant before watching the sunset as we did than please do not forget to bring your headlight too. Because after the sun set, it’s hard to find your way and see where you are stepping. Since the slope is steep, you need to see the ground you are stepping on. Read more..

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