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Why to rent a villa in Kas?

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If you are saying; “We have not been able to have a comfortable, free holiday since our child was born”, The most preferential preference of families with children now is renting villas. If you have a crowded family or group of friends and you are all going to have a holiday together, it is incredibly affordable to rent a villa while the hotels are fire expensive. Perhaps you will be on your honeymoon or spend a few romantic weeks with your lover then it is best to rent a villa in Kas for a unique holiday that will make you feel special instead of getting lost in the crowd. If you are attending a wedding, engagement or celebration in Kas, with your spouses, friends and family, then renting a villa is an ideal option. When renting a villa, you manage the holiday budget yourself, you will not forget to explore, and you do not spend all your money to visit a hotel room. While living in the comfort of the villa with your family or group of friends, you can also share kitchen expenses and save money. So, you can have more holidays.

If you are traveling with children / infants

Villa: If you are traveling with children / infants

When grandparents swimming with their grandchildren in the private pool of the villa, while your children were enjoying healthy home-cooked food that is cooked in the villa’s kitchen, you can escape with your partner in peace and catch the real holiday spirit on beaches, day trips, romantic dinners, or dancing in a bar. When you rent a villa for your holidays you won’t have following sayings; “No sunbeds by the pool”, “the breakfast buffet closes at 11:30”, “what the child will be eating”, “the child will catch an infection from the pool”. When you rent a villa in Kas, on Fridays you can go to the Friday Market like everyone else does in Kas, fill up your refrigerator with fresh vegetables and fruits, and you can consume as you wish. If the villa you rent, has a sea platform, this means you have a private beach. Every day you can go to your private beach taking a picnic basket and an ice box, so you can eat, drink and swim as you wish. You can do snorkeling and chase after the caretta carettas and fishes. Far from the noisy crowded beaches, you can watch the sunset with a cold drink on the private sea platform of the villa and return to your villa in the evening chill. Did you miss excitement, adrenaline, noise, crowd, music and enthusiasm? or; Do you want to spend some time in a cafe? Whether with your car parked in front of the villa, or with the public transport you can go to Kas City Center within 15 minutes.

If you are going on a holiday with your friends

If you are going on a holiday with your friends

If you are renting a villa altogether as a group of friends than you also share your costs and workload with your friends. The taste of games, chatting, gossiping, match watching, going on tours will be different in a private villa holiday for groups. For example, it is easy to return to your villa from bar when you are all together because sober help drunk! You can sing songs at the barbecue for long hours. Day trips, boat trips, adventure tours are very enjoyable and funny with friends. Humor, fun, various kinds of jokes, acquisitions, agreements, deeper acquaintances are possible, when you rent a villa with your friends. Who get hungry late at nights meet in the villa’s kitchen. After a while you may realize that you did not eat anything, but you find yourself in a deep conversation with your friends. There is always a person who covers the sleepers on the sun loungers by the pool with a blanket in villa holidays. Renting a villa together strengthens friendship.

If you are planning a romantic holiday

If you are planning a romantic holiday

you can watch her from your kitchen window and prepare a surprise breakfast, accompanied by your favorite music. While watching the spectacular sunsets of Kas together, from the villa’s veranda or from the private sea platform, having a different conversation and discovering another flavor each day, can be an addiction. With her you can sleep under the stars, you can dive into the dreams. Renting villas in Kas increases the rate of love. You can join the excitement, adventure, adrenaline-filled excursions and tours of the day, or explore the beaches during the day. When a night of Kas that you had fun like crazy ends, instead of a small standard hotel room you will return to your comfortable, spacious villa with your lover or spouse, happily.

You sign a contract while renting a villa, “the TV is down? “we are fixing it right away. “The sunbed is broken?” we bring in a new one. You do not even need to carry a baby cot or a high chair, because most villas already have it. In addition to the villa rental fee, there is no charge, other than the refunded deposit fee. If there is no damage to the villa and to the movable goods of the villa deposit is paid back to you during your check out. Electricity, water, the internet, kitchen gas used in the villa are not charged as extra. When you rent a villa, you can pay via credit card and in installments. You can even get extra paid services if you want to. An interim cleaning service, cleaning service on certain days, replacing the bedding textiles with clean ones are some of our extra services. If you do not want to deal with shopping on the first day of your holiday, but if you want something ready in the fridge, you can buy ready welcome packages online while you are booking the villa. When you rent a villa, you live like a local in Kas, not like a tourist. You can go shopping at the bazaar, meet local people and chat. As in all-inclusive hotels, you do not have to consume what is imposed on you, you can spend as much as you want in a villa vacation.

If you are going out for a business trip or working from home

If you are going out for a business trip or working from home

Many people now prefer to rent villas for business trips too. The villa works comfortably, makes meetings or welcomes guests. All the remaining leisure time is like a holiday. At noon you can swim in the pool of the villa, relax and return to your work in a more dynamic and energetic way after a short molt. Did you have a hanging job? Of course, you can also do these things online at the barbecue 🙂 If you are lucky enough to be working from home, you should try to rent a villa in Kas. Many global writers, artists, bloggers, webmasters and different professions who are working home based and traveling mostly now spend their specific months of the year renting villas in Kas. Kas is now a popular destination for the world’s traveler-workers, especially due to the mild climate in winter and spring and the very attractive villa rental rates compared to high seasons. The villas in Kas have all the qualities and all kinds of equipment that can meet the needs of the business trips and home-based workers. Electricity faults are nowhere to be experienced. Internet connections are much faster and uninterrupted. Every detail you may need in your home office is available in the villas with more.

There’s a lot of reason to rent a villa, right? It is now very easy to rent villas in Kas with FidoRento. What about giving it a try?

While packing your bags in rush! Do not forget to choose one of our rental villas and complete your booking. 😉

With our love from The Land of The Lights!


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