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After 11 years of experience…

HESTIA Emlak İnşaat İhracat ve İthalat Ltd. Şti. Which was always entrepreneurial, innovative, authentic and has a principle of working with a leading spirit, has created FidoRento in 2017 to benefit from market trends and satisfy your needs by taking advantage of the 11-year experience of renting a holiday home.

As HESTIA for the first time in 2007, by stepping into the vacation rental business in Kas we became one of the leading entrepreneurs in this new market. We started to rent vacation homes mainly to our foreign friends from Europe. With our friend’s positive references, within a brief period of time, we had a customer mass that was built on trust and growing like topsy. In addition, with the worldwide expansion of the internet and the proliferation of online e-commerce sites, the market has begun growing rapidly.

As we were in such a new, dynamic and expanding market, it was inevitable to follow the continuous development, renewal, and trends. Being a local and authentic company and maintaining an organic link with all our customers obtain a significant advantage. We had the opportunity to chat face to face with our customers for hours. That’s what we did. Most of our customers are world travelers. We have listened to their problems, troubles, recommendations, criticisms and tried to understand each. All these data are used for performing firm steps away and for the growth of our business.

For 11 years, we have been following the trends of the industry, making improvements and developments on business, and consistently being the pioneer in the local market. The services we provide have also increased day by day. Apart from the daily rental service, we have also provided services like; cleaning, transfer, welcome packages, tour and sightseeing packages. HESTIA wanted to create a leading and reliable brand in daily rental market incidental to  11 years’ experience in Kas and its surroundings. At present, we extend our way with our registered trademark FidoRento and no longer only in foreign markets but also in Turkey, we aim to increase the awareness of our brand.

FidoRento is an authentic and local brand that you can lease many villas and apartments in Kas and surroundings with an instant credit card through its e-commerce site. In addition to that, you can also find many other services you may need during your holiday, such as tour packages, transfer, cleaning, welcome package. FidoRento leases holiday apartments or villas that are used by homeowners for only certain times of the year, on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

FidoRento carefully selects portfolio and develops houses to offer you the most comfortable and enjoyable daily rental experience. To provide you with the easiest, fastest, and hassle-free user experience, we are constantly introducing latest technologies to our e-commerce site: Fidorento.com which was first launched in the year 2018.

For example, after completing your reservation, now you can review the house with a click when the vacation is over. Reviews are shown in the “reviews” section of the home page of the house you rented. FidoRento is transparent in this regard. You can also read previous reviews about the holiday home from this part and check the reviews and comments of previous customers.

Our primary target is to increase the awareness of FidoRento and its customer portfolio in Turkey, and therefore, we care about winning the trust of our potential clients. As you become familiar with FidoRento, we firmly believe that your trust in FidoRento will be strengthened as you witness our soul, effort, endeavor, trueness, honesty, sincerity, and local supremacy.

Who is Fidayit Ergül who lives and works in Kas?

Fidayit Ergül, who has been following his dreams and living here in Kas since 1994, is the founder and owner of Hestia. Fidayit is a Kas lover and a naturalist, also the father of the FidoRento brand developed for the needs of the market. He has been involved in trading in different business lines for many years in Kas. He has been in the real-estate market since 2004 and has been operating in the daily vacation rental business since 2007. Fidayit attracts attention with his natural and sincere personality. He worked fierce for years to develop and improve the business with his hardworking, creative, bold and innovative nature. Today with the brands he has created (FidoRento, Fidayit Ergül) and the company he is managing (Hestia Investment Real Estate Construction Tourism Trade Ihr. and Imp. Ltd. Sti.) Fidayit Ergül is a well-known and highly trusted entrepreneur in Kas.

FidoRento’s customer is unique!

FidoRento has a distinct vision: “My client is unique. Fidorento’s client should spend their vacation happily, differently, qualitatively and smoothly. “This is not such a rhetoric. FidoRento’s spirit is embroidered, and its culture is engraved with this vision. From the gardener to the manager, to the cleaner, to the office worker, the whole FidoRento team has been mixed with this culture and integrated. How FidoRento embraces its customers, so our customers do embrace FidoRento.

In terms of morals and business ethics, FidoRento equips every employee with neutral authority from the bottom to the top. While contracts you sign up, the rules, and even the laws secure your rights to a certain extent, FidoRento and its team will never refuse to accept any immoral and non-ethical business situations on your behalf. FidoRento never manages contracts for its own benefit.

FidoRento’s customer is unique! We accomplish whatever is needed for your rights and interests without any financial concern because your rights and interests are so precious to FidoRento. FidoRento believes you need to go back to your own home in a happy and peaceful mood after having a charming holiday. FidoRento accepts your happiness and peacefulness during and after the holiday as its success criteria.

Thanks to our culture that we have adopted and customized for 11 years, our customers who have once experienced a vacation home rental with FidoRento are unable to find this quality of service and special attention anywhere else and cannot have a holiday without FidoRento.

Apart from being an authentic and local trademark, FidoRento is a consistent brand and we as Fidorento are loyal to our principles.

We are not perfect…

We are constantly expanding energy on being perfect. We are renewing ourselves. We are just as unique as Kas itself. We are trying to develop in a consistent way but without compromising from our authenticity, and without sacrificing from our naturality and sincerity.

Each day we are gaining contemporary experiences and transforming ourselves positively. As reality and righteousness represent our vital principles, we derive lessons from unfortunate experiences and constantly ask ourselves these questions; “How can we absolutely do it?” “How could it be made properly?” As a result, we know your expectations from an enjoyable holiday. We are aware of your needs and desires during your holiday. We are working hard to be able to provide all the services you may ask. As Kas-lovers, FidoRento Team perform all the wedding to make your holiday enjoyable. We are delighted to be able to give you pleasant memories from Kas to return home.

Fidorento is a Member of TÜRSAB and Group A Travel Agency

TÜRSAB (Turkey Travel Agencies Union) What is it?

TÜRSAB represents a union that aims; to protect the rights of consumers and agencies, determine the vision of tourism in Turkey, prevent the illegal agency activities, provide movement in tourism with foreign contacts, establish a variety of convenient committees for members, discover the different tourist area with study tours to create creative potentials, develop tourism with its cooperation, promote our cultural heritage, spread insurance awareness in tourism, train future tourism, support member agencies in visa processes, standardize qualified contacts with ministerial contacts.

What is a Group A Travel Agency?

Travel agencies are commercial establishments, that are authorized to provide information about tourism with tourists, to create package tours and tours, to accommodation, transportation, sightseeing, sports and entertainment services for tourism purposes and to market their products with their own or other travel agents. The travel agency document is the document issued by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism to the commercial organizations so that the travel agency activity can be shown. Group A travel agencies can introduce, produce, promote or sell both foreign and domestic tours for Turkish citizens and foreign tourists. Group A is the most advanced in terms of service coverage.

FidoRento uses a high-security 3D payment system

We are beyond many local businesses. You can rent online instantly through our website and there is also credit card installment options. Do not be afraid and doubtful! Do not refrain from online purchasing process. FidoRento uses Comodo Home SSL and high security 3D payment system. Any data (membership forms, credit card information, etc.) you send to FidoRento is encrypted and sent to the other party, and credit card information is never stored.

Why is the holiday with FidoRento so different?

All photos belonging to our holiday homes published on our site are real
The photos do not lie in FidoRento! What you see in the photographs really exists in the holiday home. Therefore, you can extract in-depth information about the holiday home by just checking its photos. For example, there are two balconies in the holiday home, but which rooms have balconies? Or which room has a sea view? Which bathroom has the bathtub? Do you have a dishwasher, oven or kettle in the kitchen? If you are wondering, and want to know, can instantly find answers to your questions by examining the photos. You can also get information about the general location, balcony views, and room views.

All facilities offered by the holiday house are listed and updated
You will find a title called “property features” on the detail page of each holiday home. If you want to evaluate the suitability of the holiday home for specific needs or detail expectations before renting, be sure to take a look at this division! It is a summary of the basic inventory list of the holiday home. You can check if there is a vacuum cleaner, a filter coffee machine or safe box in the holiday home from this section. You can also see If the owner supplies households, toilet paper, and soap. If you are traveling with your baby, it is possible to learn whether the home offers a baby cot or a baby chair. Also, furthermore, you can check if there is air conditioning in every room from this section.

You can rent instantly and online via our website
Renting a holiday home with FidoRento is extremely easy and requires only 6 minutes. In addition, credit card payment and installment options are available. You can make a reservation and rent a holiday home online and instantly.

You can now add additional services such as tour and excursion package, airport transfer, intermediate cleaning, welcome package to your shopping cart online
You can purchase an intermediate cleaning service during your stay if wanted. You can request to clean the holiday home on certain days during the rental period and to change the bedding linens or textiles like towels. If you do not want to deal with shopping on the first day of your holiday but want something ready in the kitchen when you arrive, it may be good for you to buy one of the ready-made welcome packages, while renting the holiday home. Airport transfer is equally available now via online purchase. Along with the enhancements, you will be capable to add tour and travel packages to your shopping cart very soon.

You can benefit from our campaigns
When you arrive in Kas, our team personally greets and accompanies you to your holiday home
You do not have to pay the damage deposit at the time of booking, you can pay it in cash when you arrive during check-in
You can reach FidoRento any time you need during your holiday
Every time you need us, we are just a phone call, an SMS message, an e-mail or a what’s up talk away from you. We focus on resolving your problems as soon as possible and instantly responding to your questions in order to provide you a problem-free and qualified holiday experience and cause you leave Kas in a happy and peaceful mood. During the holiday, you can always visit our office in Kas Center to talk about any wishes, to meet face to face or to chat with us. Except for Sundays and the lunch breaks we give between 12: 30-14: 00, you can find us every day between 09: 00-19: 00 at our office.

Fidorento is transparent, local and authentic. We are true and love the truth so much. So please share your questions, suggestions, and comments with us without any hesitation. It prompts us of what we know, offers us a chance to discover what we do not know. Your criticism develops us, and your satisfaction contributes to congratulate our success. FidoRento is better with you. Please always remember you are special for us! You are FidoRento’s precious.


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FidoRento Tourism Travel Agency is a member of Turkey Ministry of Tourism with TÜRSAB A-10797 registration number.

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