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Reasons for Preferring a Daily Vacation Rental House

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Travelers now prefer to rent a daily vacation rental house for their holidays rather than a hotel room. How and why did this daily rental system spread all over the world?

The number of property owners all over the world is increasing day by day. Property owners tend to rent their vacation home daily rather than long-term for obtaining financial income during the periods when they are absent. As the property owner vacates certain periods of the year, it was a great solution to be able to earn financial income without a constant tenant who occupies the property whole year. This has created a new global market that is growing rapidly.

The daily vacation rental market in America and Europe also grew like topsy. Since the business of renting a daily vacation rental house was a new market, legal applications were not enough for law enforcement. Many countries in the world have rearranged their laws and regulations to meet the needs of the daily vacation rental market. The first steps in the creation of the legal framework are also taken in Turkey by issuing some advanced rulings and circulars about daily rentals.

Of course, if there was no interest in renting a daily vacation home, this market would not have the chance to grow that much. Why do people prefer to rent a daily holiday home instead of a hotel or pension? In this article, we summarized the reasons why you would prefer to rent a daily vacation home.

Very economical


Because of the new legislative regulations, prices of the daily vacation rentals have increased slightly, but still, it is a cheaper accommodation alternative to hotels and pensions. Moreover, you can manage your holiday budget when you rent a daily vacation house. You do not have to consume what you are given when you stay at a daily vacation house. Price includes other services than accommodation in all-inclusive hotels or half / full board pensions when compared with daily rentals. The closer the number of people who stay in the daily rented holiday houses to the bed capacity, the lower the cost per person and the more economical holiday can be made.

Freely vacation: like in your own homeözgürce

One of the most important reasons why holidaymakers prefer to rent a daily vacation home is their sense of freedom. When you rent a daily vacation home, you turn back to your own home at the end of each day during your holiday and this makes you feel freer and local and not as a tourist. Accommodation at your holiday home provides more relaxed and restful home comfort in the way you need it. Renting a holiday house allows you to spend more time visiting, seeing, exploring and having fun. As there is a kitchen with food preparing and cooking equipment’s inside when you rent a daily holiday home, you will be able to cook and eat your own food at any time you want, not at certain times. You can shop at the markets and keep healthy snacks or beverages in your refrigerator for consuming them whenever you like in your daily rental. Especially when you rent a self-contained daily villa, this sense of freedom gets stronger. You can use the pool of the villa at your desired time, take advantage of the barbecue area, gaze at the stars on the terrace at night, and watch spectacular sunsets according to the location of the daily rented villa.

Ideal for families with children

çocuklu aileler

If you have a child or a baby, when you rent a daily holiday home, you will not face the difficulties of surviving in the hotel room. You can make a holiday in freedom and within a home comfort. Preparing baby food, washing bottles, or feeding your child with healthy food becomes easy and not a problem. At your holiday home, you can use your kitchen as you wish. For example, you can rent a villa or a spacious apartment daily and plan a two family or with parent’s holiday, so you can take care of children alternately. Thus, you and your spouse can enjoy more. Especially when you have a baby or a child, living room of your holiday home can be lifesaving. It is possible to spend more spacious and less stressful holidays away from the feeling of stuckness in a daily rental. If your rental choice is a villa, your child will always be in front of your eyes and can be safe while swimming in the pool. While your baby is asleep in the comfort of a room close to you, you can look forward to the poolside and swim peacefully in your holiday villa.

Suitable for a large family / a group of friends traveling together

arkadaş grupları

With 1-2 families or a group of friends, you can make your vacation more economical or longer by sharing the cost of renting a holiday house. You can spend a lot of time at your holiday home and enjoy your holiday with various games and conversations. When crowded groups rent a  holiday house they usually prefer a private pool villa. Because when the number of people is more than the per capita rent becomes very affordable. Therefore, they use the advantages of a private pool, a private beach, a barbecue and a luxurious holiday opportunity to a very convenient pricing.

And now daily vacation rental houses are safe and legal


As now property owners are fulfilling all legal requirements, such as business records, paid taxes, identification declarations, lease contract backings, etc., staying in a holiday home is as legal and secure as staying in a hotel or a pension.

It is very easy to rent a daily vacation house

daily vacation house

It is very easy to rent a vacation house with FidoRento, and there are also credit card payment and installment options. Thanks to our renovated website! Now you can book online and rent a daily holiday house instantly.

The steps you need to follow are very simple and easy. You’re done in 5 steps.

  1. Make sure you enter the location, check-in date, check-out date and the number of guests on our homepage correctly and press the search button to find a daily rental. If you do not have a preference for location, you can choose “all locations”.
  2. According to the criteria you entered, the list of daily rentable villas and apartments will appear. In this daily rental available page, you can filter out the search results by entering more criteria such as; the number of rooms, the number of bathrooms, the type of the property, the bed capacity, etc. You just need to click on it to get a closer look at the holiday home you are interested in.
  3. It is stated on the main page of the daily vacation house itself or on any advertisement that at least how many nights the property must be rented out. We call this “Minimum Nights” or “Minimum Stay”. Keep in mind that if you want to change dates while on the product page, the calendars will work accordingly with the “minimum nights” rule for each daily rental product.
  4. When you have made the last checks and decided, press the “Instant Booking” button. You can shop safely with 3D payment on our site. Some products may not be available for booking instantly. In this case, the “Send Booking Request” button will be displayed instead of the “Instant Booking” button.
  5. Without becoming a member and without logging into our website as a member you cannot shop online. Therefore, if you are not a member or have not logged in as a member, the system will direct you to register as a member or to log in as a member.

There’s a lot of reason to rent a daily holiday home, isn’t it? What about giving it a try?

While packing your bags in rush! Do not forget to choose one of our apartments and villas for daily rent in Kas and complete your booking. 😉

With our love from The Land of The Lights!

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  • Sariah Meagle
    Sariah Meagle
    Date: 08/01/2019

    When you mentioned that vacation rentals are very economical, it made me think that I should rent for the summer vacation I’ll go to. Since you also stated that it’s going to be like in my own home, I feel like it could help me relax. If this is ideal for families with children as you suggest, I’ll try renting for the whole family for the incoming vacation.


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