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Points to take into consideration when renting an apartment for your holiday?

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The most beautiful parts of life are holidays, is that so? People are looking forward to a holiday time. A large majority of people are renting apartments instead of fire-expensive apartments or uncomfortable lodgings, and enjoying a comfortable, spacious, free and affordable holiday like at home. Online, you can rent the most beautiful apartments in Kas on our website. Moreover, payment with credit card and installment payment options are available.

daire kiralarkan dikkat etmelisin

When you rent an apartment for your holiday, you can manage your holiday budget yourself and you will not forget to explore, you do not spend all your money to visit a hotel room. If you are with family or group of friends, you can spend money on your budget by sharing your kitchen expenses while enjoying the comfort of a private apartment. Plus, you can save money and have longer holidays. When renting an apartment in Kas, you can go to the Local Friday Market, buy fresh vegetables and fruits, fill up your fridge and eat as you wish. In addition to the rental fee, there is no charge other than the refunded deposit fee. If there is no damage to the apartment and to the movable goods of the apartment deposit is paid back to you during your check out. Electricity, water, the internet, kitchen gas used in the holiday apartment are not charged extra.

You can also get extra paid services if you want to. An interim cleaning service, cleaning service on certain days, replacing the bedding textiles with clean ones are some of our extra services. If you do not want to deal with shopping on the first day of your holiday, but if you want something ready in the fridge, you can buy ready welcome packages online while you are booking the apartment. When you rent an apartment, you live like a local in Kas, not like a tourist. You can go shopping at the bazaar, meet local people and chat. As in all-inclusive hotels, you do not have to consume what is imposed on you, you can spend as much as you want in a holiday apartment vacation.

in this article we have summarized for you, the points to take into consideration when renting an apartment for your holiday. If you are renting an apartment, you already know and that you stayed in the previous years; the most important issue is not to be late for the reservation. Make a reservation in advance for the dates you want. So, you won’t be sorry if the calendar of the apartment is occupied later. If you are going to rent a different apartment this year or if you are going to be renting an apartment for the first time;

Have you planned your holiday literally?

Have you planned your holiday?

Are you going out alone for a holiday? With your family or friends or with your lover? What is your budget? What kind of activities do you intend to do? Will you have to work remotely during the holiday? Did you specify your dates? If your answers are ready, you can easily choose the best apartment for yourself easily and within the shortest time. We try to share all possible details about rental apartments on our website, but you can always contact us too if you need any further information about the apartment you like.

The location of the apartment is very important

location is very important

Do not let your vacation plans to be upside down because of the location of the apartment. Kas is a small town located on a hillside so there are many slopes. For this reason, if you have elderly people or individuals in need of nursing, you may want to choose a flat reach apartment in the center. Alternatively, you may prefer to use your own car, a taxi, the minibus etc. In general, the central apartments do not have sea view, but you have the luxury of reaching everywhere in some few minutes. For example, if you are coming for scuba diving and if you do not have a car, instead of getting out of your apartment and rolling downhill in rush to the boat, you can start the day at the center of life and walk to the diving boat in peace while you can still do some shopping or have a quick breakfast. The apartments in the center are mostly preferred by young people and by younger souls who love the nightlife. When you leave the bar late at night, you can reach your apartment and bed in few minutes. Cukurbag Peninsula is exactly for you if you prefer to rent an apartment in a quiet, peaceful location, with plenty of sea views and away from the crowded and noisy. From the peninsula there is a minibus to the center of Kas in every 20 minutes. In short, you need to pay attention to the location of the apartment accordingly with your expectations before renting it. As we know the importance of the location, we do not show the approximate location. We share the exact locations of our rental apartments with you on our website.

Check if the number of rooms, the number of bathrooms, the bed capacity and the bed types suit your needs!

number of rooms, bathrooms, the bed capacity is important!

This is serious! If you do not want to sleep separated from your partner on two single beds or if you do not want to share your room with a friend in opposite sex, you need to be careful when completing your apartment reservation. When renting apartments for holidays, particularly crowded families and groups may encounter such problems. In fact, the calculation is easy;

Firstly; check how many singles and how many couples are traveling together. You should also check if any singles are willing to share a room. Then you can calculate how many rooms you need. Secondly, you need to check the suitability of the bedrooms in means of bed capacity and bed types. Do not worry, Fidorento detailed search options can do it all for you. You Just need to enter the correct information and the apartments matching with your criteria are listed by FidoRento. The number of bathrooms in a crowded group or family holiday is also very important. You should also choose the number of bathrooms which is suitable to the habits of the people and the number of people who will share the apartment.

Check out the amenities section of the apartment for your special needs or expectations!

Check out the amenities section

On each apartment detail page, you will find a title called “Amenities”.

If you want to check the appropriateness of the apartment for your special needs or detail expectations before renting it out it is better to look at this division! It is a summary of the basic inventory list of the apartment. You can check if the apartment supplies a vacuum cleaner, ironing board, safe box, filter coffee machine, toilet rolls, soap, detergents etc. if you are traveling with your baby, it is possible to learn whether the apartment you like supplies a baby cot or a baby chair or not. You can also check whether there is air conditioning in every room of the apartment or not.

Apartment images say a lot!

Apartment images say a lot!

The pictures do not lie in FidoRento’s website! What you see in the photographs is available in our apartments. We never decorate our apartments temporarily, just for shooting photos. So, you can get detailed information about the apartment you rented by just checking photos. For example, there are 2 balconies in the apartment, but which rooms have balconies? Or which room has a sea view? Which bathroom has the bathtub? Do you have a dishwasher, oven or kettle in the kitchen? If you are wondering, if you want to know, you can quickly find answers to your questions by examining the photos of the apartment you like. You can also get information about the apartments location, balcony views, and room views.

Read the distance sales contract!

Read the distance sales contract!

When you decide to rent the apartment, you may have information about the following subjects if you read the contract, before marking the box saying “I have read the distance sales contract“;

  • The terms of payment and delivery of the holiday home,
  • How to cancel or change your rental dates of the holiday home,
  • Under which conditions FidoRento can cancel a reservation of an apartment,
  • The necessity of identity notification for the apartment you rent daily,
  • The necessity of a printed rental contract for the holiday home you rent daily,
  • The damage deposit is paid in cash during your check-in and you can get the keys afterward,
  • The check-in time for all rental holiday homes is 16:00 (after lunch),
  • The check-out time for all rental holiday homes is 11:00 (before lunch),
  • You will not be able to get more guests than the number of persons notified during online reservation,
  • During the rental period, the holiday home will not be able to receive guests from outside,
  • The number of people includes the children over the age of 3,
  • Smoking is prohibited in the apartment you rent,
  • Pets can only be brought to holiday homes that allow pets,
  • You do not have the right to withdraw under Turkish Legislation …

It is now very easy to rent apartments in Kas with FidoRento. What about giving it a try? While packing your bags in rush! Do not forget to choose one of our rental apartments and complete your booking. 😉

With our love from The Land of The Lights!

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