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Do not let the word “apart” confuse you

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Renting a daily holiday home is a recent trend among travelers. But unfortunately, a daily holiday house is widely mixed in Turkey with apart-hotels or apartments that are mostly rented by university students. Many real estates in Turkey who are doing daily vacation rental business and home owners as well are both using the word “apart” intensely. With this blog post, we want to clarify the complexity and miss use of the word “apart” in Turkish vacation rental business industry. We will try to define the concepts of “apart hotel”, “apart” and “holiday rental house” by reflecting the differences in between them.

What is an apart hotel?

What is an apart hotel?

It was first used in Spain in the 1960s as the name of a company that provided such accommodation. It is derived from the combination of the words “apartment” and “hotel”.

  • Apart hotel is the type of hotel business. Instead of hotel rooms for accommodation fully furnished suites or apartment-type units are rented.
  • The biggest difference between a hotel room and an apart hotel room is a kitchen of its own besides the bathroom. Although this kitchen is not in the comfort of a holiday home, it still contains standard types of kitchen utensils and equipment.
  • Unlike a holiday home, services like bed linen and towel change are just as in hotel rooms and these services are included in the price.
  • Apartments are usually of the standard type in an apart hotel. Each apartment has different entrances and the apartments are independent of each other. Contrary to the hotels, there are few common areas of use with other customers.
  • As the number of people increases, the per capita cost is reduced, as in the case of daily vacation houses. This type of accommodation is not priced per person. A single price per night is given and the entire family can be accommodated. Of course, there can also be apart-hotels that accept a limited capacity of people.
  • Breakfast or dinner are not served, and they are not included in the price. Instead, apart hotel rooms have kitchens and customers cook their own meals themselves. Kitchen gas, electricity, water, internet usage may be added to the price. Some apart-hotels can have their own restaurants and you can get services as extra.
  • Compared to a rented holiday home, apart-hotel apartments are the much more standard type. Often the apart-hotel apartments lack an original decoration, a feeling of liveliness, home comfort and home coziness.

What is the word “apart” stands for in Turkey?

What is the word “apart” stands for in Turkey?

Apart accommodation units have begun to be applied for the first time in apart hotel concept. In time, small apartments with open kitchens with one or two rooms also called “apart”. In addition, for studio type 1 + 0, 1 + 1 apartments the word “apart” was again widely used. Today, even for some apartments that are rented daily as a vacation home, the word “apart” is used. Therefore, it is not possible to make a complete definition of the term “apart” in Turkish vacation rental business world.

If you are seeing the “rental apart”, “apart “, “…..(name) apart” languages used on the advertisements that are outside of the clear descriptions such as apart hotel, hotel, etc., we recommend you to question it. Whether it is operated like a hotel and provides the services provided by the apart-hotels, as you would expect. Because when even if the “apart” word is being used on advertisements, it may still not carry the meaning that apart hotel services are given.

What is a vacation rental house?

What is a vacation rental house?

The holiday home is a resting property other than the owner’s primary residence. As they are only used by certain times, the owners prefer to rent only at the time when they do not use their holiday homes rather than renting it the whole year. Because it is a great solution for the owners to be able to make financial income without having a tenant who constantly occupies their property.

  • Vacation homes have their own unique decorations and they are different from the apart hotels.
  • The fixtures and all other equipment are much more varied and richer compared to apart-hotel rooms/apartments and are usually in the comfort of the home.
  • The kitchen is much more extensive and useful.
  • Apart from the rooms, there may be places like a balcony, a terrace, a living area (living room), the pool, the pool terrace etc.
  • The holiday home is not a standard line but reflects the landlord’s own spirit.

FidoRento is not a hotel operator. Therefore, it does not rent apart-hotel rooms or apart-hotel apartments. Fidorento offers brokerage services for the daily rental market. Apartments or villas used by the owner for certain times of the year for only holiday purposes are rented for the days when they are empty.

How about renting a “holiday home” for a holiday in the comfort of a real home with Fidorento?

While packing your bags in rush! Do not forget to choose one of our rental apartments and complete your booking. 😉

With our love from The Land of The Lights!

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