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Kaputas Beach: Another Paradise in Kas

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Compared to other similar beaches, Kaputas is a canyon beach which is prominent for its rare beauties and blue flag. Its name comes from surrounding cliffs. Due to underground water is tangling with blue sea, the color of the sea in here is turquoise and slightly cold. Of course, in summer months with the temperature increase, water gets warm and become optimum level. The beach is mixed with pebble and sand.

When you reach the Kaputas beach, you can take amazing photos with you underwater camera.

kaputas beach

Where is Kaputas Beach?

Kaputas beach is located between Kaş-Kalkan coast road. It is 20km away to Kaş, 7km to Kalkan. When you see Kaputas’s unique landscape, you need go 187 steps down to reach the beach. Every year it is visited by thousands of local and foreign tourists.

How to go Kaputas Beach?

The beach is 127 km away to Dalaman Airport, 220 km away to Antalya Airport. You can benefit from minibuses takes off from Kaş or Kalkan. You may also prefer taxi or your own car if you have. Moreover, there are boat tours from Kaş to Kaputas.

Blue Cave

When you visit Kaputas beach, make sure you also see Blue Cave. It is 50 m length, 40 m width, 15 m height and very close to Kaputas. Boat tours to Kaputas most probably visit Blue Cave. The rumor is that once seals used to live inside this cave. Its phosphorescent color is formed by sun beams reflected from the bottom of the sea. It would be abnormal to not to get excited by this magical scene 🙂

You should definitely count in Kaputas beach and Blue Cave to your Kaş vacation. 

See you in another blog post 😉

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