Cukurbag Peninsula: Low Light, Many Stars

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Why is “Kaş” called “Kaş”? The answer to the question is, of course, the Cukurbag Peninsula. The peninsula is like “Kaş”. In the Turkish language “Kaş” means eyebrow. So, the peninsula’s bulge extending towards the eye “the island of Meis” represent an eyebrow. The eye “Meis” and the eyebrow “Kaş” have a fairy-tale analogy among local people.
Cukurbag Peninsula is 4 km away from Kas. Following phrases and words describe the peninsula well: the beaches, holiday homes, historical remains, open sea, the view of Meis, less light, many stars, and restfulness.

cukurbag peninsula

You can easily reach the peninsula with minibusses from the center. In the summer months, public transport runs until 12 pm. So even if you don’t have your own vehicle, transportation will not be a problem for you. But if you are fond of the nightlife, you can also find taxis until daylight. The taxi will not be extremely costly because the distance from the center to the peninsula is at most 7-10 minutes by car.

In Cukurbag Peninsula


There are three delightful beaches where you can have a pleasant time, namely Ince Bogaz Beach, Municipality Public Beach and Hidayet Bay Beach. At the same time, most apartments and villas have their own sea platform. If you want to lease a villa or an apartment on the Çukurbag Peninsula from FidoRento, check if the holiday home will have a sea platform, because during a holiday in a significant place like the Çukurbag Peninsula this can double the quality of your vacation.

There are three things you should keep in mind while swimming in Çukurbag Peninsula;

  1. If you have sea glasses and snorkels, you will have a chance to watch the diversity of underwater sea life while swimming. To be assured you will be admired.
  2. Sometimes the sea can come so clear and still that you may want to swim to Meis. (But please do not do it yourself, if you want to swim to Meis, subsequently make your holiday plans so that you can attend the swimming activities held every year from Kas to Meis.)
  3. Swimming with sea turtles is a pleasure.

Incebogaz BeachIncebogaz Beach

While driving to the Cukurbag Peninsula Ince Bogaz Beach is in a very precise location where the island thins out. “Boğaz” means “Bosphorus” and “ince” is “Thin”. The shape of the beach is remarkably similar to a “thin bosphorus” so that is why local people called it “Ince Bogaz”. Due to its open sea view, it is sometimes exposed to winds and waves, with being rare in summer months. The scene of the open sea, the view of the islands and the proximity to the city are among the most important features that distinguish it from other beaches. The water is warmer than other beaches. It is possible to find and rent sun beds and umbrellas daily in the Ince Bogaz Beach. Of course, you can also bring your own towel and umbrella as well if preferred.

Hidayet Bay Beach

Hidayet Bay Beach


Also called the Bay of Hidayet. On the way to the peninsula, it is exactly after the Kas Municipality Beach. The beach took its name from a peasant who lived there at the time. The water has an ideal temperature until November. Weekends may be a bit crowded. If you do not like the crowd, can opt for the week to go to Hidayet Bay Beach. Sun beds, umbrellas and parking are also available.

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Kas Municipality Beach

It lies between İnce Boğaz and Hidayet Bay. As all other beaches on the peninsula, The Municipality Beach also has got clear water. It is not overcrowded; parking problem is unfound. If you are holidaying with children or babies, the sea, which is not immediately deepened, is ideally suitable and safe for children. There is, in addition, a municipal café on the beach. Sunbeds and umbrellas are also cheaper than other beaches.

Historical Ruins

There are extremely few historical monuments remain from Antiphellos up today except the sarcophagi scattered to Kas city center and Antiphellos Antique Theater at the entrance of Cukurbag Peninsula. It is also possible to meet some other ruins as you walk to the back of the ancient theater, that is, into the peninsula. If you are going visiting these historical ruins in the summer months; it will be more accurate to prefer the times when the sun is not on the hill. Please keep in mind that, you will be carrying out your vacation where the average temperature during the summer months in one of Turkey’s highest.

Antiphellos Ancient Theater

Antiphellos Ancient Theater

The only Antiphellos antique theater is extant with all its glory and could survive until today from Antiphellos. When you reach the top of the giant stairs, the theater dominating the unique scenery of the Kas and Meis Island will cause you feel isolated with its stable structure.

To reach Antiphellos Antique Theater, head west from Kas, pass Kas Harbor and lead to Necip Bey Street towards Cukurbag Peninsula. You will encounter the various temples on the left and will see Antiphellos theater on the right just after passing them.

Holiday Homes

Holiday Homes

If you are planning a holiday in Kas, Çukurbag Peninsula is one of the first locations to come to mind. Therefore, the Peninsula has many hotels, pensions, and camp-sites for tent-lovers as well. But there is also a unique option for those who want to enjoy the comfort of a home: daily, weekly or even monthly rental apartments and villas. If you want to spend your Kas holiday in comfort and quality of your home, you should not decide before looking at our rental vacation houses on Çukurbag Peninsula.

For more information, you can read our blog post “Reasons for Preferring a Daily Vacation Rental House“. See you in the next blog post.

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