Early Mornings in Kaş

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Let’s rock your mornings in Kaş

Let’s rock your mornings in Kaş

Wake up early even if you are not a morning person. For certain, you won’t need an alarm clock or a strong morning coffee to start the day. Do you know why? So simple, because you are in Kaş. The air you breathe, the birds singing you hear, the blue sky you open your eyes, the call from the clear sea, the silence of nature will all be your motivation. Only get out of the bed, wash your face, brush your teeth and drink a glass of water. You are ready to go out in the streets.

An early bird in Kaş

Always hold yourself in readiness and do not forget to take your book, maybe a pen and a notebook and swimming towel with you. Just wear your swimming costume or trunk under your short and t-shirt to make it more practical.  Remember that you are on a holiday in Kaş, a pearl of the Mediterranean coast. And undoubtedly you will find yourself swimming somewhere on your way. And I highly recommend as it is tried and tested by myself almost every single morning. You may also like to have your earphone with you to listen to music. However, I friendly suggest you the softest and the calming melody of nature. It is really a marvellous and costless morning therapy.

Just another day in Kaş

Just another day in Kaş

1st option for your early morning experience can start with a walk along the new marina. You will be amazed by the calmness of the sea, the sea reflection of the sleeping boats, colourful flowers and the wandering ducks. You can also take spectacular pictures. Other than this, it will be amazing to swim in the marina beach or you can walk a little further to discover the ‘free beach style’ of the bay. The water is impressing by its views and calming with its temperature and cleanness. The taste and the feeling of the morning swim are priceless.

Another morning experience in Kaş

Everywhere is full of marvellous views, pretty streets, lovely bougainvillaea, many beaches mostly blue flag ones and swimming platforms in this small fisherman town Kaş. Another idea for your morning walk can be İnceboğaz bay. This time you should make your way towards the Çukurbağ Peninsula instead of the marina. İnceboğaz bay faces the marina on the right side and the Greek island Kastellorizo on the left when you start your walk in the centre or vice versa if you come from the peninsula direction. You feel the water warmest in Kaş here in this bay. From here, a little further, you reach the public beach where you can swim again or just lie on the grass. Close your eyes for some time and listen to the awakening of nature. If the buffet opens that early for the day’s preparations, ask them to have a cup of stuff tea:).

A night owl in Kaş

A night owl in Kaş

Let’s say that you are a night bird, no worries the soul of Kaş will help you to upside down this habit at least for several days during your holiday. It is not only for beautiful morning walks and swims but also to make your day longer and not to miss anything before you go back home.

Beautiful harbour of the small fisherman town Kaş

Beautiful harbor of the small fisherman town Kaş

Our marina was opened in 2011 nevertheless the harbour in the centre is dated older and you will really find the walk on the breakwater worthy at any time of the day but especially in early morning hours. Sitting by the lighthouse at the edge of the breakwater will impress you with the views of Kaş, the ancient Lycian tomb on your left side and Limanağzı beaches on the opposite shore of the harbour. If you are lucky enough you may witness some fisherman boats returning. It is also a very good spot to read your book on the rocks leaning back on the wall.

The small pebble beach area

Small pepple beach area

The street of the small pebble area is hosting the hotels and pensions on one side and the sea platforms of the hotels by the sea. If you mind climbing up the main street going towards the small pebble beach area from the main square, you can prefer the way by the harbour watching the sea, the lighthouse and the views on your right. There are banks to sit or the rocks. You may also like to take some notes here in your diary about this heaven on earth and your impressions. It will be precious to read your memories later. At the beginning of the small pebble beach area, you can swim in the small bay but be ready to scream! The sea temperature is the coldest here. You will see the icy look of the turquoise and sometimes freezing seawater. Springwater flows into the sea in the area as in many places in Kaş. The reason for the coldness and the icy scene. You should definitely swim backstroke here to watch the lovely image of Kaş. You will fall in love for sure.

Panoramic view from the helicopter pad

Do not go back immediately after you swim in the small pebble beach, instead of walk a little bit further and pass through the hotels. When you come to the junction turn right. You will reach the helicopter pad in the three-minute walk. This area is so popular also for sunsets with its beautiful colours. It is very tranquil and peaceful to be lonesome and to make companionship with nature. When the day is turning into memories, your morning experience will be shining at the top.

Big pebble beach area

Big pepple beach area

Experiencing togetherness of nature and yourself in peace at the big pebble beach is also well worth of walking the distance from the helicopter pad and even in another single day from the centre. The smell and the touch of the fresh cold water help you to get started easily. It can be one of your morning funs. After swimming under the serene skies and in a bright blue sea resting on the rocks will make you grateful.

If you are a breakfast monster like me after tasting one of the above early morning suggestions you will be really ready for a big one than ever before. Having your breakfast on a balcony of a fantastic  sea view Fidorento apart will double up your breakfast pleasure.

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