Lion’s Sarcophagus: Being in History, Talking by History

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It is impossible to return from your holiday in Kas, without seeing Lion’s Sarcophagus extant from Antiphellos Ancient City till today. The reason behind using the word “impossible” is the location of the sarcophagus. It is located at the very beginning of the Long Market’s slope, which is a very central and intensely crowded spot of Kas.  Anybody who comes to Kas visits Long Market for sure. When walking through long market it is a must to see the Lion’s Sarcophagus.

Lions Sarcophagus

It is at most 4 minutes’ walk to the lion’s sarcophagus, If you are renting one of our holiday homes located in the center. (Our apartments located in Kas City Center) Even if you are not a fan of historical places sorry, but you will still see Lion’s Sarcophagus because it is in the heart of Kas. 😎

Lion’s Sarcophagus is one of the icons of Kas. That’s right. If you enjoy shopping, you will recognize that almost all the souvenir shops in Kas include an object that visualizes lion’s sarcophagus. If you want to get a gift to your friends that describes Kas at most we may suggest you buy one of these small creative work of art pieces.

For those who are constantly holidaying in Kas and those living in Kas, sitting down on the paving stones under the sarcophagus has become almost a tasty social activity. To be in history, to talk by history and while making a spiritual journey to thousands of years ago, still breathing in present… You cannot understand totally without breathing in this air around. You should not come back from Kas without wandering around and be touching the Lion’s Sarcophagus, which is believed to have been at least 2400 years old. With all its grandeur it takes you on a journey to the past. In any case, if you still could not find it, or the person you asked could not recognize the Lions Sarcophagus; then ask as, “King’s Tomb”. Because it is also known as “The King’s Tomb” :))

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What is the sarcophagus?

The word sarcophagus means “stone and marble burial”. The sarcophagi are designed to preserve the deaths of rich people or people from king’s family in the ancient times. They are in fact cemeteries, but the splendid image and careful craftsmanship they have separate the sarcophagi from the classical graveyards.

Although many sarcophagi are made of marble, the types which are made of stone are also densely found in the region.

The sarcophagi are designed in the form of a room because as if in his later life after death he may need these goods, the deceased person is believed to be buried with his money and with his precious goods.

All Lycian sarcophagi, including the lion’s sarcophagus, resemble miniature houses with small window holes in the top and with their rooftops. Lycian sarcophagi with their dome-shaped lids, door and window gaps resembling house ceilings have a history extending from the 6th century to the imperial period.

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