Sleeping Giant’s Lover is Over There: Meis Island

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When looking through from Kaş port, you may assume that Meis Island is belongs to Turkey because of its distance but in fact it’s a Greek island and can be reached in 20 minutes via boats from Kaş port. Being so close but not belonging to Turkey is very astonishing 🙂

meis island

There are lots of myths related to Kaş and Meis Island. For example, when the sea fade from the scene, Kaş and Meis connect, the Sleeping Giant whom is believed to protecting Kaş would wake up. Because supposedly, love of his life also sleeps at the top of Meis Island 🙂 Another rumor is that millions of years ago, a meteor falling caused the emergence of Meis Island.

meis adası

The population of Meis Island is approximately 300 to 500 people. After all, the only residential area 1-2 row houses and boutique hotels. It’s a typical cute colourful Greek Island where you can tour the whole island in one day. You should definitely see the Blue Cave. The transportation to this cave is carried by sea taxis. It is only possible to go inside if the water is not flowing. The entrance of the cave looks a little bit scary but inside is very wide and high. Don’t forget to bring your underwater camera because if you are lucky, you may swim with harmless Mediterranean seals!

On the coastal side, there is the cutest mosque left from Ottoman era which is in use of as an archeological museum right now. How appealing to see that Greeks are taking care of our history more than us. On the other side of the island where you can reach by walk, you will see byzantine architecture St. George Church. Especially you shouldn’t leave the island before have lunch or dinner at the shabby fish restaurants. I bet that you will have spectacular time with our friendly Greek neighbors

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