Why Kas?

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In between all questions directed by FidoRento followers from social media, “Why Kas?” is the primary one.  Of course, it is your most natural right to have information about Kas before your visit, so we prepared a blog post for you as a reply to this most important question.

Well! There are so many reasons old sport! After you read the blog post, do not forget to make a booking and complete your reservation while you are kick starting to pack your bags in a mad rush.

Let’s answer our question. “Why Kaş?”

Because Kas has Turkey’s Best Dive Spots!

Kaşta Dalış

Kas comes to mind first in Turkey as a diving area because of its clear and clean sea. Diving sector of Kas has reached a remarkable point in the world with its increased activity average every year due to the richness of diving points and fish population. For more information about diving in Kas, you can read our blog post “A Magical World: Diving in Kaş“.

The Sea is Clear and Cool!

Kas Beaches

Of course, there is no requirement that everybody will dive. If you are a person who says that; I like swimming, being calm, a sunbed and an umbrella is enough for me, then you can happily spend time on the beaches. Kas is the best alternative for you. Sea water in Kas has a refreshing effect due to cold streams coming from the mountains which infiltrate through the sea bed rocks. Moreover, it is clear and turquoise. You can be sure that it will be very good for you during the summer heat, and there are many beach options where you can spend time like Kaputas Beach, Buyukcakil Beach Kucukcakil Beach, Limanagzi Beach, Patara Beach and more … Yes, your friends will ask “is this Turkey?”  for the photos you took in Kas.

We have Caretta Carettas!

caretta caretta

It is possible to come across with Caretta Carettas while swimming. You can dive and swim together if you do not scare them too much. This is a special experience that one may not always coincide with.

Walking in nature is our absolute must!

walk in nature, trekking, hiking

By participating in hiking or trekking activities, you can see many historical remains dating from Lycian Civilization and experience walking on different trails of “Ancient Lycian Way” with the unique charm of Mother Nature. If you say that summer is too hot for walking you can choose short trails which has sea, sand and sun in the final or you can choose Spring and Autumn months which are best for walking in nature.

Boat Tour to the open sea!

boat turs in kas

You should not come back from Kas without taking a boat tour. With boat tours it is possible to visit the villages, beaches and bays that are impossible to reach from the road; you can have a pleasant day by eating delicious meals and sharing unusual moments.

Sea Kayak

Sea Kayak

The clarity of the sea water, moderate climatic conditions and having many historical ruins in the sea and in the coast, line makes Kas a sea kayak center. You can also catch the breathtaking beauty of the coastal areas and the possibility of seeing the secluded bays by sea kayaking. You can learn more about sea kayak by reading our blog post “Sea Kayak (Confidence in the Arm Muscles)“.

Friday Market with Natural and Fresh Products

Friday Market in Kas

You should not miss the Friday Market, where the villagers offer their own natural and fresh products. You can give the goods you bought from the market as a gift to your friends, or you can enjoy consuming fresh fruits and vegetables during your holiday. You can cook delicious meals in the apartment or in the villa you rent from us. You can buy eggs, cheese, hen, various kinds of herb teas etc. all coming from nearby villages. Of course, you should not leave the Friday Market without tasting our favorite gorgeous pancake that is cooked and served in market area by villagers.

Lycian Civilization with Its Ancient History

Lycian Civilization

There are a lot of historical ruins and antique cities in Kas reaching from the Lycian Civilization up to daylight. If you are a history buff and you like to spend time in historical places, we can count a lot of places that you should not return without seeing. Xanthos, Patara, Phellos, Antiphellos, Myra ancient towns and many king’s megaliths scattered around … If you read about the historical points before you visit and get the preliminary information, time you spend may be unforgettable.

Dreams Come True with Academy of Nod

Dreams Academy

The Academy of Nod is a village academy founded to provide all marginalized individuals, especially disabled individuals, to adapt to social life through art and sports. You can contribute to the project by visiting the Academy of Nod located in the village of Cukurbag and you can have a pleasant moment. You may also think about volunteering.

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Close to Meis!

Meis Island

Meis Island is 30-35 minutes away from Kas, it’s population is about 300-500 people. There are no other settlements except for 1-2 rows of houses and boutique hotels. A charming island with colorful, classical Greek architecture that you can easily roam within one day. Visa is not required for EU passport holders. For non-EU passport holders daily visa is available. To learn more about Meis, you can read our blog post “Meis Island: Sleeping Devin’s Love”.

Cause we’re flying!

Paragliding in Kas

You can choose to fly to see the magnificent view of Kas and the bird’s eye view of the coast. Kas is among the most popular paragliding centers in the region and in Turkey. You must experience paragliding; while flying in the sky you can easily get rid of intense city stress in 20-25-minutes. For more information, you can read our blog post”Paragliding: Humans Like a Bird“.

Delightful Alleys and Long Bazaar

Long Bazaar

Of course, everything we can tell is from a distance. Without seeing these alleys; without walking through them; without feeling the relief that the vines and the bougainvilleas surrounding the streets, it is almost impossible for you to fully understand us, We will not ask you not to leave Kas without seeing the Long Bazaar because you will most probably walk in one day or night for sure, there is no chance for missing it because  the long bazaar is located in the heart of the city. It is a wonderful location where you can shop and see examples of historical Seljuk architecture. In the upper part of the street, there is a sarcophagus dating back to 400 BC and this grave has become a symbol of Kas. Therefore, it is very likely to see the long bazaar in the picture, and the royal tomb right next to it on most of the postcards that you may want to buy.

Life Itself Is the Most Beautiful Tale with Sunsets

SunSets in Kas

Almost everyone who comes to Kas does not return without seeing or photographing these beautiful sunsets and everybody falls in love with it. Our sunsets are famous! For now, content yourself with photos and you will have plenty of time to watch real sunsets when you arrive.

Night life

Night Life

One of the indispensable elements of summer vacation is undoubtedly night life. There are many bars and restaurants both on the coast and in the city center. Most of the bars are open until 4 am with many different musical alternatives and fun continues almost until morning twilight. If you love night life, you can be sure to have fun and get many new friends from all over the world.

Because FidoRento is in Kas

As FidoRento we are serving in Kas with our rental apartments and villas. We believe that with FidoRento, Kas holiday is any more beautiful.

With our love from The Land of The Lights!

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