Through Lycian Civilization: Trekking

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Lycian way, known as Turkey’s first long distance trekking route which is 535 km, starts from Fethiye Ovacık Village and lasts to Antalya, can be walk with or without a guide through specific tracks.

This route is shown among the best 10 trekking ways in the world. Plus, had been discovered and marked with the contributions of English origin Kate Clow in 1999.


Because it’s difficult to walk Lycian way in one go, you can explore the Mediterranean coasts’ magical and untouched nature by walking short distances. Lycian way trekking tours is organized by the travel agencies in Kaş and can be arranged daily or weekly as your demand. This road is formed of paths which connects ancient Lycian towns together. By following these paths, you find the chance to see ancient towns unaccompanied by influx of tourists, discover the Toros Mountain’s rich flora and fauna, get to know undisturbed villages, cultures of the rural area and local features.

You shouldn’t leave Kaş before you walk these paths which connects the settlements, theatres, hammams and ancient artifacts established by Lycian Civilization around the area.

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One of the jolliest track that we recommend is Kaş-Çıralı route. It is approximately 110 km long and takes almost 1 week to complete. This track is very popular among the tourists for the reason that the route follows mountains as well as sea coast and provides accommodation opportunities. You can find your way by chasing the red and white colored zones and direction signs while trekking. By the way, do not forget that the Mediterranean region has approximately 10.000 plant species. Therefore, you can come across different types of endemic plants, trees and flowers, recognize trees like Calabrian pine, oak, cedar wood, fir and beech.

Example Kas-Cirali Trekking Route Kaş-Limanağzı-Ufakdere Boğazcık-Aperlai Üçağız-Kaleköy Demre-Karaöz (Pirate Bay) Gelidonya Feneri-Adrasan Musa Mountain Olimpos-Çıralı

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