A Magical World : Diving at Kas

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First words come one’s mind when thinking about blue are certainly stillness, calmness, peace etc. Staring at the sea make you feel good and to dream. Then dream as if you are inside the sea and exploring it like flying with creatures living in this magical world. Exciting, right?

About Diving

This amazing sport is categorized in some different ways but we simply divide it in two groups as instrumental (scuba) diving and free diving.

Free Diving


In simple meaning, free diving is a way of diving without any air source. The diver carries whole dive with one breath that he/she takes on the surface. Free diving has a very old history actually. In the Far East, people used to hold their breaths and dive to collect pearls for earning their keeps. Bajau fishers who lives in Borneo has been called as ‘people walking in the water’ for many years.

Our most popular athletes who also brought many important medals in free diving field are Şahika Ercümen, Derya Can and Devrim Cenk Ulusoy in Turkey. Kaş region hosted 2. International World Underwater Championship in 2016 and CMAS-TSSF 1. Outdoor Europe& ‘Kaş Başka’ Open World Freediving Championship in 2017 and made Kaş well-known around the world with the applications of more than 150 athletes from 20 countries.

Scuba (Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus)

The most important specialty which distinguish scuba diving from free diving is that it gives an opportunity to stay longer under the water.

Great barrier reef in South Australia, Bahama’s, The Red Sea in Egypt, Papua New Guinea, Galapagos Islands, Mexico, Maldives and Thailand are among the most popular diving destinations.

To be able to experience scuba diving, first of all, you need to have basic equipment and technical instructions. Basic equipment is consisting of a steel or aluminum high pressure air tube and neoprene diving suit to keep you warm and comfortable under the water.

Let’s see how we experience diving…

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Kaş is one of the most known diving destination in Turkey because of its lucid and unsoiled sea. Diving sector in Kaş has reached an attractive point every passing year due to its both fish population and wealth of diving spots. You can either have Discover Scuba Diving or CMAS (World Confederation of Underwater Activities), SSI (Scuba Schools International) and PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructer) education systems only in 4 days to start exploring Mediterranean underwater fauna and flora. Moreover, when you become a certificated diver, you have a right to dive everywhere around the world. Genarally, PADI system is preferred rather than other systems because PADI system’s recognition level is worldwide.  After completed the PADI Open Water Diver training or CMAS 1 star diving training, you have a right to dive up to 18 meters. Within this period, you will only have to spend 4 days studying. These lessons are carried out for both theoretical-practical knowledge and skills. Every dive lasts approximately 45 minutes.

The diving boats in Kaş set sail in the morning and afternoon two times every day. Experiencing diving 4 days in Kaş offers you not only to meet different kind of people who come to take photos underwater, to have discover scuba diving or certificated divers but also to see barracudas, leer fishes, calamari, grouper and stingray fish in the Mediterranean waters.

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