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Sea kayak aka sea canoe is enhanced for rowing sport at the lakes, bays and seas can also be named as Eskimo kayak or hunter boat. Its appearance is almost similar to Eskimo kayak. In the past, primary aim of these kayak was hunting the animals in the lakes, rivers and seas. These kayaks developed and varied according to their location like Greenland, Alaska etc.

Why sea kayaking in Turkey?

sea kayak

The reason why sea kayaking is a preferable activity in Turkey is sea water of the south coasts, not too much decreasing temperature and besides, it gives an opportunity to see breathtaking beauty and secluded coasts.

Kaş region has lots of bays therefore, is very sufficient for sea kayaking. Sea kayaking tours where takes place in Kekova is one of the most popular daily tours.

In ancient times, Kekova island departed from the mainland as a consequence of a very severe earthquake and half of it submerged. In a major part of this are, it is forbidden to swim and dive.

On a classic Kekova tour, you can explore Kekova island, Tersane Bay, Kekova sunken city, ruins under the water, Simena (Kaleköy) with its stairs and walls.

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Mentioning the tour, individuals can choose single or double canoes. After preparing the canoes, your guide gives technical instructions like how to hold the shovel, direct the canoe.

Beginning from Üçağız, rowing approximately 3 km, you arrive the Tersane Bay at the Kekova island. After a short break, continue rowing to reach the sunken city and from the coastal side ancient ruins welcomes you. On one hand, you row through amazing turquoise waters on the other hand it gives you opportunity to see every little detail of Kekova sunken city.

Finally, you row 1 km more to reach Kaleköy and if you wish you can visit the Simena Castle when you arrive. To be able to be ready for the way back, having lunch at Simena gives your power back.

If you trust your arms, do not miss this tour 🙂

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