Kalekoy (Simena), Ucagiz Ancient Cities and Kekova (Sunken City)

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Kekova district is one of the most visited and popular among the daily visitors. With 3-hour boat trip departing from Kaş port, first you reach Üçağız and then Kalekoy ’s amazing history and ruins. Even if Kaleköy is not an island, there is no land transport and due to this in winter time, the population of the village drops approximately 30 houses.

simena kalesi

Only transportation way is sea access. That’s why, everybody living here has their own boats. World’s smallest amphitheater is located in here and specialty of this theater is that the benches were made by carving the natural stones. By following little pathways, you can reach to the castle and tombs on the top of the village. When you see the landscape, you won’t regret.  

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You find yourself in the center of a cute fisherman village with its shabby fish restaurants and paper flowers. There are small, clean guesthouses instead of luxurious hotels or motels. Due to the

simena kalesi

fact that Kaleköy is a protected area, structuring is forbidden. Sympathetic and cheery peasants sell their hand made dresses, jewels and organic homemade sage, locust and grape molasses.

When you pass through the Kekova island, a natural wonder where there is no human settlement welcomes you. The reason for being called ‘sunken city’ is that in 2. Century because of an earthquake the city submerged. It is very important location for the underwater archeology. If you look at the coast you will see stairs down to the water and half submerged houses. In fact, the island is surrounded by ruins yet, nobody knows its history because no excavation work had been done ever.

It is forbidden to swim and dive around the island because of being protected area. However, you can take a look from the bottom of the boats or you can use canoe. Still it’s relieving to know that this natural beauty is being protected.

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