Gömbe Kaş Highland with Cedarwoods

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Gömbe district located 70 km away from Kaş, is a part of Yurok culture. Travelling 1 hour worth watching curled ridgeway, you reach this natural beauty. Gömbe and surroundings offers also economical vacation, must be seen during your Kaş holiday. The cedar wood and pine wood forests hides the villages like a protective shield. It is also said that these cedar woods be found only in Gömbe and Beirut.

Gömbe highland is one of the most visited destination for trekking and climbing. Many tourists fulfill their longing for mountain in here.

Freshening in Yeşilgöl’s icy water on summer heat will make you feel amazing. You can take splendid photos and make your friends jealous at Uçarsu waterfall. The biggest specialty of this waterfall is that its changing flow direction during summer and winter months. Due to this specialty, it is subjected to many legends. The highland has another magical atmosphere on winter months with wrapped snow and joyful chats around the stove.

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If you come across Gömbe fair which is happening on July and August, you will experience Yurok culture. People who attend this fair organize sema ceremonies and folklore dancing’s after make a wish on Uçarsu waterfall.

Moreover, Gömbe is very famous not only with its kebab and muffin but also delicious aromatized apples. We highly recommend you have a feast at the countryside restaurants and make siesta. : )

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