Demre: Myra, Andriake and St. Nicolas (Santa Claus) Church

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One of the most visited destination around Kaş is absolutely Demre . The reason for that is Lycia’s one of the most important and great Myra ancient city, Helenistic and Roman era’s most significant port Andriake and with its inherited story Saint Nicolas Church are located in Demre village. Myra ancient city gives people goose bumps both for its architecture  and remain standing monuments. Myra ancient theatre is a very large amphitheater which has approximately 10 thousand spectator capacities. Later on, some modifications had been done at this amphitheater and were used as an arena.

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Adriake port’s importance is nothing to sneeze at. At that times, it was a sheltered port for the ships traveling on Mediterranean west-east route. However, in time it started to be raided by pirates and Arabs. People who were living there failed to block this invasions and inevitable ending had happened.

Myra ancient city’s necropolis is one of the most glorious artifacts which succeeded to remain standing.

A footnote for the ones who doesn’t know what is necropolis: In archeological cities, necropolis is a place where mass graves located. Nowadays, it is called rock graves.

Saint Nicolas’s worldwide famous church is located inside center of the Demre village. This man whom known as Santa Claus was actually Myra’s archbishop. Saint Nicolas was born in
A.C. 300 in Patara. After his cloth education in Rome, he came back to Myra and move on his life here as an archbishop.

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At that time, he dedicated his life to do kindness specially for children and for that reason he evolved to Santa Clause these days. Moreover, he had mercy to poor little girls who hadn’t done their dowry and hadn’t be able to get married thus he used to drop golden coin pouch from their chimneys. Now we understand where the chimney story came from After Saint Nicolas passed away, his bones were stolen and kidnapped to Vatican City by Italians from Bari. You can see few bones left behind at the church’s museum. This church is in basilica form and dated back to A.C. 4. Century. Every year hundreds of Orthodox visits here to become pilgrim. At the same time, every year on 5th of December it hosts Santa Claus festival.

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