It’s a happy Sunday and FidoRento team who likes to walk, and share is on their way to the Sleeping Giant! Looks like it is inevitable for us to add a new blog post almost every passing day. Let’s start telling the route that follows as; Kas> Sleeping Giant> Cukurbag Village which is the most pleasant walking route of Kas and conveying our experiences during this walk.

When Starting

Firstly, you should take necessary goods and equipment’s with you that needs to be taken for all similar trekking routes. The best time for the Sleeping Giant route is spring, but if you want to walk in the summer, you may need to get more water. Because you may get tired when you reach the peak of Sleeping Giant. Depending to the peak height, the slope is slightly higher than the medium-difficulty tracks. Therefore, it is useful to have your batons (walking stick) with you. Batons will also be very helpful downwards the slope when you are turning back. If you do not want to descend from the Sleeping Giant before watching the sunset as we did than please do not forget to bring your headlight too. Because after the sun set, it’s hard to find your way and see where you are stepping. Since the slope is steep, you need to see the ground you are stepping on. You can see the starting and ending points plus the elevation changes of the route from the map given below.

Sleeping Giant to Cukurbag Village

Climbing to the Sleeping Giant

You have learned the equipment’s needed and your route from the map above. Let’s start climbing now. As you can see from the starting point, the first 630 meters of the route starts with a high-slope track. This is the hardest part of the walk. After finishing this track If you want to walk to Cukurbag Village as we did, the second track is a plain line and it is very comfortable. Do not forget to pay attention to the signs on the tracks during the climb. These signs will make you reach the peak. Always remember that a magnificent view and a unique experience that everyone cannot live is waiting for you up there.

The Peak

Kaş Uyuyan Dev Dağı

The soft wind, the unique view of Kas and Meis, endless sea and the sky line… How can we tell more? Enjoy these excellent moments when you reach the peak; Do not forget to take a rest, drink water and take photos of Kas. You can complete the route towards Çukurbag Village which is not too long and visit the Academy of Nod in the village as we did. Or you can just turn back on the same track.

Towards Cukurbag Village

Sleeping Giant

As we have started walking early in the morning we reached the Sleeping Giant when it was midday. Aiming to be on the peak of Sleeping Giant again during sunset we went out to visit Cukurbag Village and the Academy of Nod for spending time until sunset. The road from Sleeping Giant to Cukurbag is 7 km with a little slope. This was a cheerful track with plenty of fun, breaks and photos. Large plains with plenty of green and fresh air will accompany you along the way.

Cukurbag Village and Academy of Nod

Cukurbag Village and Academy of Nod

If one visits Cukurbag Village then visiting the Academy of Nod is a must. We plan to publish a
thorough blog post for the Academy of Nod later. To summarize, The Academy of Nod is a village academy founded to provide all marginalized individuals, especially disabled individuals, to adapt to social life through art and sports. You can contribute to the project by visiting the Academy of Nod located in the village of Cukurbag and you can have a pleasant moment. You may also think about volunteering.


sunset at sleeping giant

After having a pleasant time in Çukurbag Village and in the Academy of Nod, we returned to Sleeping Giant on the same route to watch the sunset. It was impossible for us to return to Kas without seeing this perfect moment. If you are very tired and do not want to see the sunset, you can take a minibus from Cukurbag to Kas which is available in every 20-30 minutes. However, even if you are tired you should not come back to Kas without watching the sunset 😉 You can be sure that it will be worth it…The pink states of the clouds, the sun on skyline speckling the sky, a wonderful color feast … You should see and feel all.

Back to Kas

Back to Kas

It’s time to turn back. The sun went down, it got dark. We gathered. Our bags are lighter now cause we had consumed the food and drinks in our bags throughout the day. As we are far away from the the city lights we put on our headlights and headed towards Kas. Be very careful when you go down because there are too many slopes, so you should actively use your batons and choose the right place to step. This will ensure that you are not exposed to any accidents, so you can finalize your trekking in pleasure.
We made 15 km in total, within which 630 meters were high slope climb and 630 meters were high slope night descent. Our maximum height was 480 meters. Our journey lasted 9 hours and 50 minutes and we spent only 4 hours for walking. The experience we had was invaluable.

With our love from The Land of The Lights!