Safari Tour, provided almost every tour companies in Kaş center, will make you live a day that you won’t understand how time has passed. Tour begins with a Turkish pancake breakfast at Üzümlü village at 9 am. You should definitely try these yummy pancakes which made by villagers 😉


After breakfast, it’s time to hit the road to Saklikent. However, this road trip is not going to be a normal one because you have better be ready for water fight with other safari cars while tripping. Not a bad idea on summer time.

When you arrive the area, first you dash into magical world of Gizli Kent. Down the stairs for a while, it feels like you are on a heaven or in the Amazon forest. At the end of the the natural course inside the water down your ankles, a magnificent waterfall is waiting for you. But be prepared, because if you do not want your slippers to rupture or tear, you should bring a sea shoes or sandals.

At the Saklikent, you can walk inside the canyon and if you dare you can do body rafting on the way back.

Briefly body rafting means, flatly and legs bent towards the belly, going with the fast-flowing stream by staying on the center of the river and enjoying the moment.

Lunch is generally served at the restaurants around the pool which became natural habitats of the freshwater fishes and gooses. Chicken and fish are available on menus.

Safari tour is one of the most adrenaline-filled and natural must be experienced activity in Kas!

About Saklikent…

Saklikent was formed by Eşençay’s wing Karaçay. The formation of the canyon based on approximately 200 thousand years ago. Due to limestone area, it’s easily be eroded. Moreover, the fault line made here a deep canyon.

Rumor has it that, Saklıkent was discovered by a shepherd who lost one of his goats.

Finally, Saklıkent put under protection and declared as national park in 1996.