Our lovely town Kaş has once again taken its beautiful form in Spring at a time when nature itself thrives and revives. While what we really need to be doing is enjoying nature, we stay behind closed doors due to Covid-19, also known as Coronavirus.

As Fidorento, we see each of our villas and apartments we offer for rent as our own home. Therefore, just as we keep our own house clean and free from the coronavirus, we also show the same care in all our villas and apartments. We carefully disinfect every corner of the houses so that our guests who prefer to relax in Kaş can accommodate in peace and security in a healthy environment.

Our houses are carefully disinfected

That’s why we wanted to share with you all the precautions we take regarding the coronavirus known as covid-19 in our homes. Thus, you will be aware of the hygiene conditions of Fidorento villas and apartments. You will also have an idea of how to keep your house clean and protect it from the coronavirus wherever you are.

Protecting Your Home from Coronavirus

It is very important to protect oneself from the Coronavirus, not only for ourselves but also to protect our loved ones around us. Not infecting other people with the virus is a very sensitive issue for the whole world. The main place we need to pay attention to in order to protect ourselves from the Covid-19 virus is our home where we spend the most time.

How Can You Keep Coronavirus Away from Your Home?

First of all, we should not forget that we stay at home to protect ourselves and others from the corona virus. While living a life in which we isolate ourselves in the house, there are some points to be careful about combating the corona virus. Because during this time, corona, which you will never want to allow in your home, can cross your borders and enter the household easily.

For this very reason, we will now tell you what to do to keep the corona virus away from your home which is your own private space. Despite all the fear, it is possible to provide the best hygiene in your home with practical steps recommended by healthcare professionals. When you follow these steps; the risk of exposure to the Covid-19 virus will be minimized for you and the loved ones living at your home.

Cleaning the Surfaces

We all know that the coronavirus is easily spread to everywhere we touch with our hands. That’s why cleaning our hands regularly is more important than anything else. Obviously, this is the first and most important rule to prevent the coronavirus from being brought into the home environment. As soon as we enter the house and while spending time in the house, we need to wash our hands thoroughly with soap and water regularly during the day for 20 seconds. This is one of the indispensable rules we have to follow.

Washing our hands regularly is more important than anything

Just cleaning your hands is not enough. Since there are surfaces in our house that we touch frequently, cleaning of these surfaces is just as important. If the virus is living on the surfaces we touch, the coronavirus will be transmitted to our hands again, even if we have just cleaned our hands. Therefore, door handles, cabinet doors, sitting areas are considered critical areas. It is a matter of time to infect many areas with each use. Don’t be afraid, though. Since the coronavirus can be easily eliminated, rest assured that if you take the necessary actions you can keep it away.

Experts say that detergent and disinfectant should be used together in surface cleaning. So even if you know it’s clean, you should thoroughly disinfect the surfaces which are frequently used.

I Can Stop the Spread of Corona in My House

Yes. You can definitely stop the Covid-19 virus from spreading to your home. Do not forget that. You just have to be strict and careful about following certain hygiene rules. Even if you need to go out and think you are taking all the measures while you are outside, you should always take your shoes off and leave them outside before entering the house. This is really important. Especially if you have a little kid at home, since kids’ favorite thing is to play everywhere, you should pay particular attention to this rule for your child.

If you are uncomfortable with your shoes staying outside, you can take them off at the entrance and carefully bring them to the balcony or to a closed space where no one is going to get in contact with them. You should definitely keep them away from places where you or your family may get in contact with them. The first thing you need to do when you come home is to take off your clothes and put them in the washing machine. Before touching anywhere, you should wash your hands and then immediately take a hot shower.

All the items coming from outside should be wiped clean.

Although you keep the interior of the house clean by following the hygiene rules, some items are brought from outside into the house one way or another. Carefully wipe all the items you brought home from outside or the items delivered to your door. Closed packages should be wiped with soapy or detergent water and the fresh products must be washed. By doing so, you reduce the risk of transmission of the coronavirus from products you purchase from stores or websites. After wiping the items, it is better to wash your hands again just in case. If possible, it will be much more effective to leave the items brought from outside in the balcony for a few days before taking them inside.

Which Cleaning Products Should You Use to Protect Yourself from The Corona Virus?

While health experts say that we can eliminate Covid-19 virus transmitted to our hands by washing our hands with soapy water for 20 seconds, they state that it is not enough to use only soap or detergents in house cleaning to kill the coronavirus.

Scientific researches have shown that the coronavirus can survive up to a certain period depending on the type of surface. While it can last up to 72 hours on plastic and stainless steel surfaces, its effect lasts within 4 hours on copper surfaces. This virus is not airborne, but it can survive in the air for 3 hours with cough droplets.

Use detergents and disinfectants in surface cleaning

Since disinfectant products are not enough to kill the coronavirus alone, it is necessary to clean the surfaces first with detergents for an effective result. Since the dirt and dust layers disappear after cleaning the surface with detergent water, the disinfectant you use immediately after will make it more effective in protecting the surfaces from the virus. That’s why you need to first clean all the surfaces and then use disinfectant.

Even soapy water is sufficient to clean the house. As a disinfectant, experts recommend products with a diluted bleach and alcohol content of at least 70 per cent. But when using the products, make sure that it does not damage the surface. You may need to make precise selections for some surfaces. We also recommend you to be careful not to breathe these products in.

Surfaces to Be Wiped Twice a Day

You need to wipe all the surfaces that you always use, such as doorknobs, keys and mobile phones, with detergent twice a day. Since the coronavirus is usually transmitted through the nose and mouth and this transmission is caused by our hands most of the time, regularly wiping all surfaces that your hands frequently touch twice will effectively protect you from the coronavirus.

Scientists underline this as a key to living in a healthy home. By the way, it is useful to clean your hands before starting the surface cleaning. Or you should use disposable gloves during cleaning and throw them away after use.

Use of Kitchenware

Wash your dishes at high temperatures

Personal separation is very important in the use of tools such as forks, knives, plates, glasses during eating. Whether there is someone ill or not, the items used by each individual living at home should only be used by themselves. If somehow a virus infection is in place, extra attention should be paid to this. While this in mind, we should point out that the same attention should be paid to the clothes. It is good to wash the sheets used more frequently especially at this time.

We recommend washing used dirty utensils in the dishwasher. As the experts state, since the dishwasher wash at high temperatures, there will be no traces of the virus in any way. If you need to wash a utensil and do not want to use the dishwasher for this, you should definitely wash it in hot water that your hands can endure. By the way, there is a dishwasher in all of the villas that we rent as Fidorento.

Regularly Ventilate the House

Ventilate your house regularly

Regular ventilation of the house will be very beneficial in terms of getting oxygen into the house as it will allow fresh air to enter inside. In addition, it is necessary to open the balcony doors and windows from time to time to protect against the negative effects that may occur from the frequent use of disinfectants.

What If Someone from the Household Gets Sick?

At this stage, it is necessary to increase cleaning precautions and quarantine all sick family members of the house for 14 days. If a member of a family shows signs of COVID-19, a bathroom to be used only by her/him should be reserved and it is very important that the sick person is kept in quarantine. Their contact with others should be kept to a minimum for two weeks. The cleaning of the room they stay in and the bathroom they use should be kept to a maximum, more than twice a day.

Start Now

Start practising these steps at home as soon as possible. Try to make these practices a regular habit as soon as possible, without waiting for the time of danger to come so that you can be cautious ahead of time. It would be helpful to turn this into a good routine to overcome the coronavirus.

We are not wasting time, you should not waste any time either.

Last but not least, let us highlight again and again that once all the precautions mentioned above are taken, the chance of the coronavirus entering your home is minimized. We will constantly keep this article published on our site updated according to the latest developments. Keep following us.

We are looking forward to meeting you on days when we can spend time in Kaş safely, away from the fear of catching viruses.